Melissa + Malcolm

Oh that Malcolm, just surprising us all! 

So we decided to do some couple pictures of Melissa and her man, and throw in some headshots for her photography. I wanted to shoot film, so I was kind of educating Malcolm on how I have to load film, how many shots we get, etc. This was also my first time meeting him so I was a little nervous because I was hoping he would like me as his wedding photographer! So unknown to me, Malcolm was preparing to propose, but luckily waited until after I put in a fresh roll so I could capture everything :) I'm so very happy for them and April can't come fast enough! 


The beautiful Randi! So happy with how these turned out! She kind of just let me do my thing with her head-shots and it was a lot of fun!

Pentax 645n + Portra 800 + Indie Film Lab 


I took Alyssa and her cute family out early this summer for a quick update of her head shots. Her last session we did was a Valentine shoot (oh so adorable, I need to post it again.. ever since this new website I've been re-blogging some of favorite sessions) and it was in the snow, so she needed something more versatile. Especially in St. George where it's blue skies all the time! 

All film: Pentax 67 + Portra 160, 800 + Indie Film Lab