May - Ballerina Boudoir Styled Shoot

I am really excited about finally showing these off! I'm continuing on with my monthly styled shoots and pushing myself on each one. This one I decided to go super simple in the design. I had also decided to shoot it all on my Polaroid 195 (look it up, it's a beast!). The thing with those polaroids is that it's pull apart film, so I had film drying all around the room while I was shooting, and also sitting waiting for me to pull it apart. So I had a lot to keep track of! Sometimes I'd miss focus, or expose too bright, so I would need to reshoot (and this film is pricey since it's discontinued). It was worth it though, and so freeing to shoot all polaroids! I need to bring it out more for regular shoots. It's so neat because the client can take the print, and I keep the giant negative and scan it in later. That's what these are, inverted negatives :) Pretty sweet huh? 

Floral: Jocelyn's Floral
Vintage Rental: Swoon Vintage Rentals
Hair/Makeup: Julie Thomas

Polaroid 195 + FP-3000B