Michele + Robert - St. George, UT Maternity Photographer

Ohhh have I been dying to blog this session! I was so excited to photograph my beautiful friends Michele and Robert again! These two are pure magic on their photo shoots! I especially love the fact that she's wearing a rose colored dress and they named their baby Rosie! (and the fact that there are roses in her gorgeous bouquet made by Jocelyn's Floral)! 

Makeup: Sarah Boling @ Lunatic Fringe

Keeping up with the Jones'

I sure do love this family! It all started when Annie and Adam won a drawing I did at my church Christmas party when Ella was only 18 months old! Since then I have captured their next two babes and Ella is now 4 years old. I love repeat clients and getting to see their family grow. I love this session so much because it was super relaxed and shows off their family perfectly (not to brag..) Annie is also an amazing artist, you should check out her work here.

Pentax 645n + Portra 400, 800 + Indie Film Lab

May - Ballerina Boudoir Styled Shoot

I am really excited about finally showing these off! I'm continuing on with my monthly styled shoots and pushing myself on each one. This one I decided to go super simple in the design. I had also decided to shoot it all on my Polaroid 195 (look it up, it's a beast!). The thing with those polaroids is that it's pull apart film, so I had film drying all around the room while I was shooting, and also sitting waiting for me to pull it apart. So I had a lot to keep track of! Sometimes I'd miss focus, or expose too bright, so I would need to reshoot (and this film is pricey since it's discontinued). It was worth it though, and so freeing to shoot all polaroids! I need to bring it out more for regular shoots. It's so neat because the client can take the print, and I keep the giant negative and scan it in later. That's what these are, inverted negatives :) Pretty sweet huh? 

Floral: Jocelyn's Floral
Vintage Rental: Swoon Vintage Rentals
Hair/Makeup: Julie Thomas

Polaroid 195 + FP-3000B